L'akoma Vegetable creams

Free food, but full of flavors

- About us -

Lakomazöldségkrém család

The L'AKOMA Vegetable Cream product line was created to offer a healthy and tasty food option for customers on special diet. This is how our vegetable creams are “all-free”, meaning they contain no preservatives, no additives, no added sugar, and we don’t use allergenic ingredients either.

This way, it can be consumed by lactose-sensitive, gluten-sensitive, vegetarians, and fit into a paleo and low-carb diet! We fry the vegetables in coconut oil until we get vegetable concentrates with a concentrated taste, for which we choose spices that harmonize with the given vegetable, further enhancing the taste experience.

You can eat as a rich and nutritious breakfast on a toast, but mixing with salad and pasta can be also exciting. You can even delute with dressings because we didn’t save on the vegetables.